International Volunteers/Fellows Programme
About LINK Programme:

DII's LINK Programme hosts international volunteers and students for short to long-term collaboration with its network institutions for hands on experience in grassroots development works and understanding policy negotiations.

LINK Fellows are hosted by DII and its collaborating institutions who are involved with a range of development programmes. The community-based programmes are in the areas of forestry, agriculture, water resource development, irrigation, micro-credit, women’s group and gender mainstreaming, community health and elementary education. Limited number of LINK Fellows are selected each year through an iterative process wherein the fellows chose projects in their areas of interest and develop it in consonance with the host institutions. Due to high level of fieldwork and local involvement, the number of fellows that can be hosted are limited and hence highly competitive. DII and the collaborating institutions offer the Fellows online assistance and facilitation throughout the fellowship that include logistic help during their stay.

For further details about the programme contact us.

Development Institutions interested in hosting LINK Fellows are welcome to contact us for detailed information on collaboration criteria.

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